TECH-IA® is a patented floating system indicated as support for herbaceous plants and shrubs. It is used mainly in floating wetland systems for natural depuration in water bodies. The main innovative technical feature is the possibility to use the system directly in water bodies to support plants that for their nature can not float but that are suitable for cleansing purposes. In this way they could be used in different environments where was impossible to operate till now.

TECH-IA® is realized in EVA (ethylen vinil acetate) a non-toxic and recyclable material with a closed structure.
The system has a high mechanical, biological, chemical and climatic resistance and may support a weight of 20 kg.
TECH-IA® is easy to be installed and permits to create barriers and islands of different size and shape directly in water bodies.
Management is easy and the elements arrangement can be simply modified as a consequence of new requirements.
The system is efficient when it is used as singular technique of depuration, but it performs very well also is associated with other traditional depuration techniques, to enhance the effectiveness and contribute to clean wastewater.

TECH-IA® is used not only for water treatment but also for:

  • vegetated islands for naturalistic and faunal purposes,
  • floating vegetated or no-vegetated barriers;
  • protecting system against banks erosion;
  • structure for boundary or signalling;
  • support for plants that grow in hydroponic;
  • floating platforms;
  • ornamental purposes in urban water contest.

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