The in-depth knowledge of the arboreal heritage represents the first step to undertake a process of planning interventions in the medium and long-term management.

The census of trees is a specific operational tool that must meet the fundamental requirements of reliability, objectivity, and upgradability. This tool must comply with organizational and articulation criteria that are defined according to the purposes for which it is implemented and to the available technical and economic resources.

In summary, tree inventory:

provides an overview of the species, size and condition of the trees and allows to know the economic value of its arboreal heritage

it allows to set up a maintenance program, it provides the expense indications for carrying out maintenance operations and maximizes the benefits obtainable from the dedicated budget

it simplifies the drafting of a multi-year work program according to an objective scale of priorities based on the degree of urgency of the planned interventions (eg pruning, cuttings, ...) and provides concrete guidelines for new plantings

It is an excellent tool for planning and negotiation

The creation, management and updating of public and private green censuses take place thanks to the use of professionals and exclusive dedicated software. gisverde software is the result of twenty-year and multidisciplinary experience of its creators in the field of arboricultural consulting, spatial planning, systems of survey and, finally, of dedicated IT consultancy. Specifically, gisverde is a product for information, management and operational use based on three fundamental requirements: simplicity in entering data, speed in consulting data, ease in updating data. The software allows the collection and management of all the elements that characterize the ornamental greenery, whether they are plants or not (trees, shrubs, hedges, lawns, urban furniture and games) within a G.I.S. interface. gisverde is structured in such a way that it can also be used for the preparation of specific thematic censuses, such as tree stability evaluation campaigns.

Thanks to the analysis and the correct interpretation of the data collected by the inventory it is therefore possible to put in place efficient, coordinated and targeted operations, significantly reducing operating costs.