Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) soluble in water 11%
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 7,3%

EnerBite® is a binary liquid fertilizer PK 11 7.3 formulated through the cooperation of the Spin-off of the University of Padua PAN srl and ADRIATICA Spa Department. The particular phospho-potassic combination of EnerBite® has been specifically developed to meet the specific needs related to trunk infusion, improved by University of Padua researchers with a new and patented infusion tool named Bite® (Blade for Infusion in Trees). Due to the shape of its blade, this instrument induces a Venturi effect, easing the spontaneous uptake of EnerBite® into the xylematic vessels. With this method, woundassociated damages are reduced, and infusion ports close within few weeks. EnerBite® is rapidly up-taken and translocated within the plant through the xylem vessels, because of the high mobility and low molecular weight of the ingredients. This translates to a noticeable improvement in nutrition, and in an immediate increase of the vigor of the treated plant.
EnerBite® also induces the production of particular organic compounds responsible for the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, strengthening its defenses. The high energy potential of EnerBite® increases the plants resistance to adverse conditions, whether biotic or abiotic. To further improve these specific functions, water, useful trace elements Mo, Cu, Fe are incorporated. The efficacy of EnerBite® has been demonstrated in tests performed with scientific rigor and published by the University of Padua.

EnerBite® is introduced to the plant by trunk infusion with the specific tool Bite® (Blade for Infusion in Trees).
EnerBite® is user friendly and the 250 gr bottle is perfect for the Bite® machine. With 1 bottle at least 8 infusions of 30 grams each can be made. On average, a dose consist of 1 g of EnerBite per 1 cm of circumference measured one meter from the ground, performing an injection every 30 cm ca.

Infusion involves the xylematic uptake of a liquid without any external pressures. Its performance depends primarily on the speed and pressure of sap, which depend on both the plant species (monocot / dicot; softwood / hardwood; porosity), and physical (shape and diameter of the vessels), physiological (phenological stage, leaf mass, health status), and environmental (air humidity, soil temperature and moisture, presence of wind) variables.
This is why we suggest you use EnerBite® with the instrument for which it was esigned.

The product is suitable for all woody plants along tree-lined boulevards, public parks, gardens, tall trees, pines, palm trees and veteran trees.
The ecological benefits EnerBite®, and this application method are ideal for urban environments. The infusion should take place when leaf transpiration is high. Infusion should be performed between the bud break (spring) and mid-summer, in sunny and windy days, with sufficient soil moisture. The infusion points should be located between the root collar and the 1 meter in height.

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