BITE® A new tool for infusion of pesticides and fertilizers in trees. Differently from available tools, BITE® (Blade for Infusion in TrEes) allows the infusion/injection of pesticides and fertilizers in woody plants without preliminary holes.


In recent years, trunk injection has progressively replaced traditional air spray methods in woody plants. Unfortunately, even the sharpest drill bit tears and overheats the cambial tissue responsible for the hole closure. Consequently, wound closure is delayed and large sections of the adjacent woody tissues lose their functionality from the injection site to several feet above and below. Furthermore, unplugged holes can easily be colonized by bacteria and fungi attracted by the bleeding sap and leading to long-term internal decay, with a consequential loss of wood strength and stability.
The University of Padova recently developed BITE® , a manual, drill-free instrument with a small, perforated blade that enters the trunk by simply separating the woody fibers with minimal friction. Furthermore, the lenticular shaped blade reduces the vessels’ cross section, increasing sap velocity and allowing the natural uptake of an external liquid up to the leaves, when transpiration rate is substantial. Ports partially close soon after the removal of the blade due to the natural elasticity and turgidity of the plant tissues, and the cambial activity completes the healing process in few weeks.

bite de rebus plantarum

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