App Design


Believing strongly in the values ​​of multidisciplinarity and dissemination at all levels, De Rebus Plantarum provides the support of knowledge and technologies for the creation of mobile applications (‘apps’) or websites.

  • Multimedia today represents a fundamental tool also for environmental education, both for children and adults
  • Thanks to digital tools it is possible to create historical-naturalistic paths for the exploration and valorisation of the territory
  • Mobile applications can become an efficient operational tool for professionals in the agronomic and forestry fields
  • Some modern technologies, such as visual recognition or augmented reality, make the experience interactive, also in addressing environmental issues
Some examples

Botanical Garden of Padova App

Creation of contents for the mobile application of the Botanical Garden of Padova [within the “USEFALL – UNESCO Site Experience for All”, project, Interreg Italy-Croatia].

Villa Beatrice d’Este App

Development, creation of itineraries and of contents regarding the medieval ruins at Villa Beatrice D’Este, Baone (PD) and the surrounding landscape [within the “RUINS” project, Interreg Central Europe].

Tree Inventory App

Creation of a mobile application for tree inventory, which combines the simplicity of an intuitive form with the complexity of structuring a database, useful for example for the calculation of environmental benefits deriving from trees.