Centenary Mulberry Recovered

Centenary mulberry recovered thanks to operations of roots revitalization, formal pruning and tree stabilization. Colli Euganei (Italy).

After importing silkworms in Europe around 1600 from China, the mulberry was introduced in Veneto by the noble Venetians. Silk was essential in the trade of the Serenissima Republic, and exported to all northern Europe. Towards the middle of the 1800s, various illnesses hit European silkworms farms. In this mood of profound uncertainties, Japanese worms were imported, but then progress and market rules since the 1950s justified the import of yarns from abroad and the consequent abandonment of our mulberries. Today there is only an unacknowledged pattern of rows and unclassified single trees of 100-200 years throughout the Veneto, often abandoned and declining, and worthy of recovery. The protection and preservation of these important monuments are among the lines of action of our Spin-off.