The philosophy espoused by e Rebus Plantarum requires the continued development of a “zero” impact chemistry.

“De Rebus Plantarum” is a business spin-off in which the University of Padova is both a promoter and a founding partner. In addition, DRP founders are 3 Professors and 2 Private companies with synergistic experiences and activities in common, mainly focused on Tree Care and Water Care.

Research and Development
  • 670 square meters of chemistry and biochemistry laboratories, with 48 people permanently involved.
  • Constant planning, design and tests on new products and methods also through international cooperations.
Chemistry and Diagnostic
  • Analyses in all range of environments (water, soil, air) and materials.
    Pesticides, herbicides and other toxic residues in both organic and inorganic substrates.
  • Surveys and Diagnostics in plant pathology, including control plans.
Water Care – Floating tool for bioremediation

Development of environment friendly devices, products and methods for bioremediation of water.

Patent n. 0001370586

Tree Care – Drill-free device for trunk injections.

Development of low-impact devices, products and methods for plants’ health, according to Integrated Pest Management protocols and international legislation.

*Patent n. PD2011 A000245

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