The University of Padua (1222) promotes the creation of spin-offs as the main tool for transfer technology to the market.

De Rebus Plantarum (DRP) is a brand of the business spin-off Piante Acqua Natura srl (PAN srl), in which the University of Padova is both a promoter and a founding partner. In addition, DRP associates are 3 Professors, 2 Entrepreneurs and 2 Private Companies with synergistic experiences and activities in common, mainly focused on care of water and plants.

De Rebus Plantarum transfers the experience and knowledge gained in the Research and Development sector to the territory, reinvesting the proceeds of its commercial activity in this sector.

Relying on well-known international collaborations and having 2 headquarters in Italy and 1 in United Kingdom, the main mission of DRP is the well-being of plants and the environment through the development of materials and methods with low environmental impact.


University of Padova (UniPD)

Leading University since 1222


Certified company born in 1982 and active with cutting edge technologies in the Pest Control and Medical Sector


Certified company with expertise in tree assessment according to different analysis protocols

Andrea Camporese
Andrea Camporese

Entrepreneur, Pharmacy Graduate, CEO of EcamRicert srl and of the Pediatric Research Institute – Città della Speranza

Lucio Montecchio

Full Professor at UniPD, expert in Plant fitness, inventor of “BITE®

Maurizio Borin

Full Professor at UniPD, expert in agronomics and bioremediation, inventor of “Tech-Ia®”

Paolo Pastore

Full Professor at UniPD, expert in Analytic and Environmental chemistry

Jonathan Cocking

Principal Consultant and Managing Director at JCA Ltd, UK

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